SS22 "Poetry And Motion"

Founders Shauna and Misha have spent much time over lockdowns reading POETRY, mostly haiku by Basho, poetry which reduced to a few syllables speaks deeply about connections with nature. This manifests itself through embroidered poems, and a cute couple walking through nature... MOTION. Movement. Wobbly lines, performance fabrics, and progressive graphics suggest movement. A new character M4RPI has surfaced, moving through a landscape. This landscape is joyous and fun. This is a world that P.A.M. inhabits... The SPIRAL is not perfect, it meanders in and out. This is a symbol of ‘going in’ and at the same time ‘coming out’. It is the vortex, and also the wobbly path. It speaks of deep knowledge, of ancient symbols, and acts as a map in and out of alternate realities. The Spiral is a portal into our minds, and the Universe. Emma Kohlmann's watercolour paintings have been applied to garments using various techniques of print, appliqué and embroidery. Friends walk in the park, they are P.A.M. Friends. Cut, mixed and reassembled by hand in Melbourne (Australia) archival P.A.M. pieces are UPCYCLED, breathing new life into almost-forgotten classics! "It's all about"... LOVE.

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