P.A.M. X Blackhearts & Sparrows - Melted Cheese & Wine Picnic Blanket

EXCLUSIVE TO P.A.M. / Blackhearts & Sparrows

Sit down, drift up. Pass through floating globules of melted cheese, static thought strands and P.A.M. ‘Gesture’ flowers. Then plunge through the cloud-filled portal, pour some cheese and melt a nice wine. Meld minds with friends and enjoy the outdoors. This is a “lifestyle” product after all!

Dimensions : 210 x 140 cm

• Original P.A.M. artwork.
• Full coverage digital print.
• 380gsm Canvas topside.
• Contrast ‘Forest Green’ underside.
• Quilt stitching throughout.
• Bound edges.
• Carry strap.

Main : 100% Polyester