These photographs were taken in the land that was once called Palestine, on a landfill site south of the city of Hebron. The waste delivered to the landfill comes from Jewish Settlements in the Judea region of the West Bank. Before the waste is buried, it is scavenged for anything of worth by Palestinian children, working in groups for adult ‘handlers.’ It was agreed I would work at a distance as not to reveal their identities.

The photographs are juxtaposed with paintings I made of the landscape of the West Bank. Each painting represents a piece of this disputed land, and they are titled with a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic place names. They are based on colours caught by the photographs I shot while on location, and reworked in my studio.

- Nick Waplington 2011

Published in 2012 by PAMBOOKS
Heavyweight art paper
Clothbound cover
Printed cardboard Slipcase