-150 x 225mm Brochure containing 7 postcard prints
-Risograph on Kendal Manilla 270gsm + postcards on Cyclus Offset 170gsm
-Edition of 300
-Published in May 2015 by Loose Joints

Space Station V tells the unlikely story of a prop from one of the most important films of all time. Back on a Monday some time in 1974, 19-year old Trevor Parsons came across what appeared to be the celestial circular spaceship from 2001: A Space Odyssey resting in a field in Stevenage. Located on the site of an ancient burial mound, the 7-foot wide model had been rolled out of a crate and left to decay. Trevor returned a day after his discovery, and the model had disappeared. Luckily he took some photographs. We managed to track Trevor down after all these years - presented here is his story with 7 new images from his original roll of film, never seen before.