Long-time friends and collaborators Jun Takahashi (Undercover), Misha Hollenbach & Shauna T (P.A.M.) reconvene in 2020 to shine a light on darkness. Produced by Medicom Toy, the new Undercover X P.A.M. ‘Skull & Hand Lamp’ and accompanying capsule were conceived via the groups shared interest in fantasy and romanticism.

A skull with glowing eyes is cupped in an elegant androgynous hand.

The lamp could be interpreted as a ‘still life’ of death. But while most commonly associated with mortality and evil, the skull is also home to the brightest earthly light — that of the mind — and is the face we all share beneath these fleshy masks. The skull is illuminated, no longer inanimate, and brimming with light, intellect and magic. From some angles the skull exudes pure sorrow, from others an unblinking grin...

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