by P.A.M. + Cali DeWitt

In 2020, P.A.M. (est. 2000) launched the Positive Messages Online Resource, sharing contributions from PAM’s global community of creative friends. To amplify these messages further ‘A Positive Message’ (est. 2020) was created, with the intention to widen the scope of each Positive Message. No longer bound to a screen, messages can be shared and experienced by anyone, any time, anywhere.

Produced in Los Angeles, t-shirts, hoodies and track pants use fabrics made with EcoCycle® yarn. Using 50% recycled cotton / 50% BCI cotton, and 75% solar energy, each pound of EcoCycle® yarn saves 5.46 square miles of land cultivation, 2,024 gallons of water, 14.90 kWh of electricity and 7.85 lbs of CO2 compared to conventionally grown cotton.

We hope there will be ‘A Positive Message’ for everyone.