Peder Mannerfelt

First of a new series of SOUNDTRACKS for CYCLING Adventures... 

Short sleeve tee with hidden Private Soundcloud Link to exclusive track.





From obtuse angles to intense physicality, Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt’s highly individual take on cycling and techno demands attention, stamina, and safety gear.


Recorded in one take and exclusively for PAM, PSY-CLING a relentless non-stop track designed for cycling (at night) to for 1.5 hours without stopping, and without any need for gels or performance enhancing drugs.


Peder Mannerfelt's music is always rooted in the kinetic energy of techno even as it seeks to break down the genre’s rigid, illusory formulae. Here we see the idea of a leisurely Sunday bike ride completely destroyed.
Ride safely!!


Format: Private Soundcloud link via T-shirt Graphic
Duration: 1:27:48
BPM: 127


PSYCLOTRAX001 Peder Mannerfelt