From deep in Le Parisian Locquedown, Alexis Le Tan has recorded a VERY special Positive Angled Mix, w cryptic Track List:


Birds singing amidst the jungle, on The Other Side of Twilight.

ABoneCroneDrone screeches three times in the horizon all bright.

The Presence Of The City, felt in the distance, strange days ahead

The alien virus is amongst us, Discrete Global awareness shall inbed.

Voices from afar singing Tsuginepu Yo Ittemita, what does it mean?

Meat N’ Veg can no longer be consumed, from now on it’s all green.

A different Flagship, a point of call, a place where truth be told to all.

Seeing is believing wherever you are, Voy A Ver as a mantra to elevate us far.

Will the Mountain Goat’s prophecy help shine a new light?

Tender the night, Je Suis Triste Et Seule Ici, don’t fight...

From blindness within, the only escape through Visions Of You

Take me back to Ambient Heaven where we can all rest on dew

Route 666 is no longer a destination, a narrow path below

The world turns around forever When I Kiss You it will glow.

On the 25 September, remember forever

This Cherry Coloured Funk is not a feeling to pass.

Freedom will be heaving, When Sitting In The Grass.


Images: "Human Nature", shot on locations by #mishahollenbach


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