'44 Sunsets for Your Sadness'




"I hope that you're well. What a fucked up week we are having..(excuse my English).
So I made this short GIF montage following the process I use for my second account @WILLIAMCULT2 where I 'recycle' Gifs into a short visual montage and add (mostly) avant-garde or ambient electronic music/ sound pieces.

The one for P.A.M is called '44 Sunsets for Your Sadness'. It was inspired by a passage in the book 'The Little Prince' by French author Antoine De Saint-Exupéry. In the passage, it says that the Little Prince believes that sad people like sunsets and refers to the day the Little Prince watched 44 sunsets ( he lives on a tiny planet where all he needs to do to watch a sunset is to move his chair). I looked at many sunsets and brought them together (I did attempt to use excatly 44 sunsets but it wasn't working) The soundtrack is by American composer Harley Gabber from his album In Memoriam 2010. The track is ' III Ground of the Great Sympathy' [ Harley Gaber was a visual artist and composer known for his minimalist and spectral approaches to time and sound. With his emphasis on quiet sustained sonorities and textures, Gaber is counted among the early American minimalist composers, and considered to be a forerunner of drone and spectralism ] Wiki page.
Sadly Gaber committed suicide in 2011."


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