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Ibn’arabi (1165-1240) — Unveiling of the effects of a journey, § 3,

Movements of the four elements, of beings set each instants, change and transformations engendered by each breath, the travel of thoughts in categories of the commendable and blameable, travel of breaths emitted by who is breathing, travel of looks through all things seen awake or asleep and their passage from a world to the other by transposing its meaning. All is by no doubt travel for men. Certain consider the world of bodies, from the instant it was created, never ceasing to descend, towards the void without end. In reality we never cease the travel from the instant of our original constitution and the constitution of our physicality, until infinite. When you see a shelter, you say to your own self: this is the term; but from it opens a new way where you pull a provision for a new start. when you perceive this shelter, you say to your own self: this is the term. But as soon as you get there, you're out on the road again.

Lets find a path to disappearance, to our own dissolvence of the within.

Video was made in Sudan, on a full moon night with the pyramids of Meroë, a long gone civilisation.


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