'Incense & Smudging'

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If it’s incense always burn 1 or 3, uneven numbers for good luck.

You can burn with many different Leaves and woods just make sure they properly dried out, if you’re burning inside, for outdoor and more smoke green leaves are ok if burnt over a small fire.


You can Smudge with
Sage / eucalyptus / sweet grass / different types of woods / cedar / palo santo / sandlewood & incense sticks.


Smudging is believed to be a spiritual practice for purification of your self your space & for your protection & healing. By bathing in the smoke it is said to cleanse the body mind and space of any bad medicine/energy present.

If you are smudging with sage, don’t burn the whole stick at once, seperate the leaves and only use a few at a time (burning a whole stick is not only considered extremely wasteful, it also doesn’t burn as well and ruins the rest of your leaves, think of picking up a half smoked ciggie butt and smoking it) Light it and rest in a shell or on a ceramic plate, this works for Palo Santo & other wood chips / leaves.

Always light with a match if possible, fire is a gift from the gods.

Never blow the flame out, its akin to blowing out your soul, you should fan it or use a circular motion to begin the smoke rising. Think of the smoke as your conduit between you and the creators, the smoke will carry is your voice and intentions to the higher beings.


A small ritual when lighting is...

Offer the smoke to the sky for the creator

Offer the smoke to the earth for Mother Earth

Then you can “bathe” yourself in the smoke


While doing this you should be putting out positive thoughts / thinking of that what ails you or what your are asking for and direct the smoke to those areas.

If you are smudging a room make sure to smudge the corners, this is where bad energy can get caught.

After you are finished let it burn out. You can smudge as often as you feel you need it, even daily.


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