PAAM 3.0

‘Club Ciclistico Amatoriale’





“At the intersection of earth meets urban sunshine sonnets, artist Shaun Gladwell joins MAAP x P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) for backyard jaunts of psy-cycling pleasure. Awakened in SHAUN’S DREAM, the physicality of form and gesture delight on single-track trails where grass grows wild and unkempt among concrete structures. As butterflies flutter and flit, monos blaze in drains and underpasses into the wild beyond and back. Toke. Mono. Snake. Skid. This cross discipline, hybrid ride in varied terrain is complete with beloved cannoli haunts and espresso stops. Psy-cycling is joy.”


MAAP x P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) present their third collaboration, combining P.A.M.’s freewheeling aesthetic and signature graphic language with MAAP’s technical engineering and alt-cycling ethos.


The PAAM Club Ciclistico Amatiorale capsule is a celebration of psy-cycling and off-the-beaten track wild adventures. Inspired by rides across varied terrain mixed with beloved cannoli haunts and espresso stops, the cross discipline apparel features Perks and Mini’s psy-activated graphics, old school logos and friendly beavers for on-and-off bike antics.


Created for cyclocross, crits, track, or just turning it up for Skinsuit Sunday, the MAAP X P.A.M. Skin Suit will make sure riders stand out in the peloton. Made in Italy utilising premium breathable fabrics and the same 3D thermo moulded multi-density chamois as found in MAAP’s Team Bib Evo. To dial up the classic styling, pair with the MAAP X P.A.M. Skull Cap, a nostalgia infused piece for some extra riding stile.


Rounding out the capsule are Team Fit jerseys, a thermal long sleeve option, cargo bibs, a lightweight jacket and MTB tee. No ride into the wilderness would be complete without essential accessories including padded socks, bottles, cap, neck and arm warmers. The PAAM aesthetic continues off bike with graphic tees, hoodie and sticker pack.


Photos : Sarah Pannell

Model : Shaun Gladwell


PAAM 3.0 online now.