For millennia the Under_Ground has been demonised. The concept of hell below has tormented and enthralled people. Feeding irrational fears, the threat of purgatory has kept people behaving (or not) and driven any alternative thoughts and practices Under_Ground. But there is no hell below. The Earth is a complex living system that consists of different layers that extend to a solid metal inner core. Under the ground, upon which one walks, there are tectonic plates, molten iron and rocks, mineral deposits, gold, lapis lazuli, stalactites, stalagmites, sewers, catacombs, manholes, soil and worms too. There is a vast network of life-sustaining ecosystems that provide soil the nutrients to grow food. Likewise, creative ecosystems and subcultures provide nourishment for the people.


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Photography @piotrniepsuj

Styling @berengerpelc

Milan, January 2020


P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2 P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2 P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2 P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2 P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2 P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2 P.A.M. "UNDER_GROUND" — AW20 Drop 2