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“You will end up dying of comfort.” ― graffiti from the May 1968 French riots.


Dedicated to challenging societal norms with playful acts of creative disobedience and disruption, P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) encourages X-perience not stagnation. X-perience 2020 vision states: natural not fake, real not lame, and question not blindly accept. Comfort, yes, for active clothes but not to pamper life overly with caution and care. Seek beyond the weird aspirational lifestyles and their gilded comfort and status markers that limit personal freedoms and life’s rainbow of variables. Psychedelic toads do not exist in the manicured walkways and safe living zones of computer-generated architectural renders and their real-life counterparts. Sanitised and free from natural and manmade threats, these spaces lend themselves to lazy narratives spent enjoying the luxurious trappings of contemporary life – without fear that possessions will be stolen or spoiled. On the contrary, the good life is not disconnected from reality or nature or inclined to bore. The time has come to favour a more deliberate life in harmony with nature.

The diversity of existence on Earth is awe-inspiring. Breathe it all in. Put the phone down, throw away the selfie stick and trample on the trifle. Upend social mores, decorum and takeaway coffees with fervour. Celebrate random absurdity and street life. The natural world is not neat, predictable, compartmentalised or always picture-perfect. Allow it to take root in daily life. Embrace nature in its untamed entirety, including its dangers and inconveniences. Life on Earth is interconnected and surprising. Humans share DNA with other living organisms. Discarding safe social constructs for adventures in nature and beyond may lead to states of blissful coexistence and transcendental ecstasy. P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) refers to this as Ecstacy.

Set against a “to die for” luxurious living computer-generated imagery (CGI) backdrop, the X-perience SS20 collection assesses alternative narratives. The fake world of weird aspirational lifestyle imagery and surveillance clashes with P.A.M. (Perks and Mini)’s preferred reality, the natural world of random street and earthly pleasures. Virtual CGI renders intersperse with images of daisies, psychedelic toads, graffiti, sculpture and street life. P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) explores new production processes with the Freshly Painted Jersey Skirt and the Wet Cement dyeing methods to create textured, uneven and painted surfaces. The Bufo alvarius (Sonoran Desert toad) leopard print comes from digitising toad skin; an encounter with it may change one’s mind for ever. Designed to weather the good life, the Warped Record Hat responds well to active use; the more you sit on it and squash it, the better it will look. X-perience SS20 takes inspiration from Vera Chytilova’s joyfully rebellious Daisies. The collection asks people to cast aside weird lifestyle aspirations, expectations and limitations, and revel in the breathtaking and ordinary pre-internet and offline existence on planet Earth.




Text by Amber Grünhäuser.