cc-tapis X P.A.M.



Exclusive to P.A.M. and cc-tapis.


Get out of those clothes and slip onto something more comfortable...


Narrowing the boundaries between fashion and design, cc- tapis and P.A.M. have developed an experimental product merging the Australian brand’s streetwear and lifestyle aesthetic with the artisanal expertise of cc-tapis. Fun, strong and graphic, the collection celebrates guilty pleasures through the act of undressing, suggesting a new way to furnish your space through disorder. Incorporating the multi-disciplinary approach of both brands, cc-tapis goes XXL, turning iconic P.A.M. pieces into an out of scale collection of woollen rugs.


Floordrobe is a collection of 5 hand-tufted rugs produced by Indian artisans, maintaining the quality and attention to detail which cc-tapis is known for.


So burn some incense, put a record on, strip down to your smalls and roll around on the floor wrapped up in a nice warm rug from someone you love. Get a pair of jeans made of wool, feel small, keep your feet warm, dance in a big t-shirt on a big t-shirt. If you had a penny for every time someone said “Nice P.A.M. shirt, I bet it would look better on my bedroom floor” you’d be able to buy a nice P.A.M. shirt for your bedroom floor, produced by cc-tapis.


Campaign photographer : Piotr Niepsuj

Stylist : Francesca Cefis


cc-tapis X P.A.M. Floordrobe Collection